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USCGC Sturgeon Bay (WTGB 109)
USCGC Penobscott Bay (WTGB-107)
USNS Supply (T-AOE 6)
USCGC Hawser (WYTL 65610)
USCGC Sitkinak (WPB 1329)
USCGC Line (WYTL 65611)
NWS Earle
USCGC Shrike (WPB 87342)
USCGC Sailfish (WPB 87356)
USCGC Katherine Walker (WLM 552)

Learn More About The Central Jersey Council

View a PDF presentation that talks about our mission, units we support, and our activities.      

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Installation Dinner Ad Journal

We are currently accepting submissions to appear in our Installation Dinner Ad Journal. 2018 INSTALLATION Dinner AD JOURNAL form

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A Christmas Video For Our Armed Forces

For all the men and women of our armed forces serving around the world.  

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Angel Program – Gift Drop Off

Photos taken at US Coast Guard Station Bayonne, NJ showing gifts being dropped off for ANT (Aids To Navigation Team) and to the USCG cutters we support at that base.

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Senior Vice President Given Prestigious Award

Senior Vice President Frank Greco was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Rutgers Folk Festival Committee.  The Award was given by Folk Festival Director Dr. Angus Gillespie and was… Continue reading “Senior Vice President Given Prestigious Award”

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