2020 proposed Slate of Officers and Members of the Board of Directors.

2020 proposed Slate of Officers and Members of the Board of Directors.
On Monday, September 23, 2019 the Central Jersey Council received the report of the Nominating Committee.  The following is a list of Proposed Officers and Members of the Board of Directors for 2020.


President– Greg Varga
Senior V.P.- Stephen Hutton
V.P. Military Affairs – Carlton Hoye
V.P. Membership – Salvador Chairez
V.P. Community Affairs – Ashley Rollo
Treasurer – William Aiken
Secretary – Dave Guirgues
Liaison for Protocol – William Aiken
Judge Advocate – William Aiken
Council Historian – Dr. Angus Gillespie
Public Affairs Officer
Council Photographer


William Aiken
Thomas Botsolas
Ken Connors
Daniel Dermer
Dick Ehlert
Peter Engelman
Dr. Angus Gillespie
Frank Greco
Fran Gregor
Ed Troche
Fernando Rivera
Tom Vastardis
Joe Velez

Nominations will be accepted for any position by utilizing the following protocol.

The potential nominee plus the member making the nomination, together with an additional member to second the nomination must attend either the October 28,2019 meeting or the November meeting.   During the new business portion of the meeting, nominations from the floor will be called for.  At that time, a member may be nominated for a specific position.  At the close of the nominating process at the November meeting, an election will be held.  If there are no other candidates seeking the position the nominee as proposed by the Committee or from the floor will be elected.  If there are multiple nominees for a single position, a secret ballot election will ensue.  The winner will be selected based on the majority of votes garnered from the Electors assembled at the meeting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Daniel Dermer, Senior Nominating Committee member