CDR Estevez house fire

CDR Estevez, USPHS physical therapist at the Coast Guard Training Academy Loses Home to Fire

PHS officers, CDR Carlos Estevez recently lost everything in a house fire, including his family dogs. CDR Estevez is a USPHS physical therapist at the Coast Guard Training Academy. He also serves as the Coast Guard Academy Sandhurst club coach for the cadets and serves as a faculty member in the Physical Therapy Orthopedic Residency in the U.S. Army Baylor program.

He has dedicated his life to mentoring, teaching, and guiding junior officers, cadets, and youth in his community. CDR Estevez and his wife Sara regularly mentor youth and young couples in their home. Their home also served as a classroom for their children where Sara home-schooled their three kids.

CDR Estevez was recently recognized by the Coast Guard Academy and received the highest award for instructors, “The Spirit of the Bear Award”. The Spirit of the Bear award is awarded to an officer or civilian staff member who exemplifies the Coast Guard core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty. This is a first time a medical officer was selected for this prestigious award.

Currently, CDR Estevez and his family are staying with friends until his insurance can evaluate the situation next week. As you know, insurance can’t replace everything. He will need new sets of uniforms ASAP as well as a place to stay. If you would like to help, please consider donating. 100% of the proceeds (minus the 2.9% and the .30 per donation GoFundme charges) will go to CDR Estevez and his family.