First Gifts of 2019 Delivered

Angel Program

On 12/10/19 Peter Engelman (attache to adopted US Navy units), Dan Dermer (Council Chief of Staff), and Stephen Hutton (SVP) delivered our first batch of gifts as part of our 2019 ‘Angel Program’.

Each year our council provides gifts to the children of all of our locally adopted US Navy and US Coast Guard units.

On 12/11/19 gifts will be delivered to the next unit, as the deliveries continue in advance of Christmas.

Our primary Santa’s helper is Dan Dermer. Dan coordinates with all of our adopted units to find out how many children we have on our ‘nice list’, as well ages, and family groupings – we need to know if they have siblings so Santa can make sure they get similar levels of gifts within a family to make sure it’s fair. Dan’s motto is “Santa doesn’t make mistakes.”

Dan does an amazing amount of work to ensure everything goes smoothly, and everything is encrypted so names are never revealed to the outside world!