New Year Navy Trivia

Firstly a thank you to all our military personnel and their families for the sacrifices they make every year to ensure our nation remains safe.

Something I only recently became aware of is a tradition in the US Navy regarding the first log entry of the New Year. This tradition has waned somewhat but still happens on some US Navy vessels.

The Naval History and Heritage Command is trying to revive the tradition via the New Year’s Deck Log Poetry contest. 

Ringing in the New Year Navy Style

A couple of examples from actual ship’s logs:

“Young Blatz is on the sound gear, and Bowles is on the phones; Sheller’s on a machine gun, but his thoughts are at home.”

“It’s 2021, past midnight on New Year’s Eve, I still have eight hours until I’m relieved; Now one doesn’t need 20/20 vision to see, this year’s been rougher than a ship swept by the sea; But a ship is made tougher than the waves that test her haul, we will never waver, nor stumble, nor stall; On the deck plates we’ll muster, from the deck plates we’ll call, ‘a sailor stands ready! With honor, over honor, over all.’”

And from myself to all…

“However you choose to welcome this New Year, I wish you a happy one, with nothing but cheer!”

– Steve Hutton, Council President