Officers and Board of Directors

Slate of Officers and Board Members for 2020 Finalized

It’s official!

On Monday, November 18, 2019, the Central Jersey Council held elections for Officers and members of the Board of Directors for 2020.  

Greg Varga was re-elected to a second term as our Council’s President.

Steve Hutton as Senior Vice President and Salvadore Chairez as VP of Membership were both re-elected to their positions. 

Carlton Hoye was elected to his first full term as VP of Military Affairs and Joe Velez will begin as the new VP of Community Affairs in January.

Both Council Treasurer Bill Aitken and Council Secretary Dave Guirguess were also elected to full terms.

Carl, Bill and Dave all assumed their duties during 2019 and will reprise their roles for 2020.

Listed below is the full slate of Officers and Members of the Board of Directors.  Several vacancies exist and volunteers for those positions or Board Members are still needed.  If you are interested in any of the open positions, please contact Chief of Staff Daniel Dermer for more information.  

A social media guru, a Retention Officer and other volunteers are also needed.

Central Jersey Council Officers for 2020

President– Greg Varga

Senior V.P.- Stephen Hutton

V.P.-Military Affairs- Carl Hoye

V.P.-Membership – Salvador Chairez

V.P.- Community Affairs- Joe Velez

Treasurer – William Aiken

Secretary– Dave Guirguess

Liaison for Protocol/JAG Officer– William Aiken

Parliamentarian- open

Council Historian – Angus Gillespie

Public Affairs Officer- open

Council Photographer- open

Board of Directors for 2020

Christine Aaron

William Aiken

Thomas Botsolas

Gary Chapman

Ken Connors

Daniel Dermer

Peter Engelman

Dr. Angus Gillespie

Frank Greco

Fran Gregor  

Janie Komssi

Fernando Rivera

Ashley Rollo

Joe Velez