Angel Program and Amazon in Manhattan

The Angels are Flying

On Friday September 27, 2019, Council President Greg Varga and Chief of Staff Dan Dermer journeyed to Mid-Town Manhattan to pick up Angel Program gifts. 

Our new friends at Amazon donated over 120 toys towards the Angel Program for 2019.  They also donated backpacks, car seats, play mats, highchairs and other supplies for military families. 

Angel Program drop off at Earle

VP of Community Affairs, Ashley Rollo coordinated Amazons outreach to the Council.  Jenny, Zack and other Elves from Amazon, helped to load Santa’s sleigh which was  conveniently disguised as a U-Haul truck. 

Angel Program drop off at Earle

The children’s supplies were quickly delivered for distribution at our adopted Navy Base where Elves from the First Class Petty Officers Association received them with joyous smiles. 

Many thanks to Ashley for making such a great connection, Bravo Zulu to the FCPOA Elves but most of all thank you Amazon!